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Free Download the Best DVD Creator for Mountain Lion
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Watch DVD Movies on Nexus 7 by Ripping DVD to H.264 MP4 on Mac
Google Nexus 7, a well-liked Android tablet, is good to watch motion pictures and media contents on the go, and you may perhaps need to enjoy your collected or rented DVD films on it, but there isn't any DVD player and built-in DVD-ROM on the Nexus 7 for the DVD motion pictures playback, so you'll have to initially convert DVD to Nexus 7 compatible videos like MP4 on Mac, then copy and transfer to Nexus 7 for local video playback. Stick to this simple guide below to understand the way to rip DVD to Nexus 7 on Mac OS X (Mountain Lion and Lin integrated):

Step 1. Import DVD films to Mac DVD ripper for Nexus 7

Launch Doremisoft DVD Ripper for Mac and click "DVD Load" button to import your DVD files. And also you can preview, clip or edit the imported files as you like.

Step two. Select H.264 MPEG-4 AVC as output format for Nexus 7

Decide on Nexus 7 compatible *.mp4 because the output file format:"HD Video">"HD H.264 Video (*.mp4)". You are allowed to adjust the video and audio parameters such as resolution, bitrate, etc. Here's the recommended setting for Nexus 7 video playback:


Codec- H.264

Resolution- 1280*720 (HD)

Bitrate- 1500/2000kbps

Framerate- 25fps


Codec- AAC

Sampling rate- 44.1khz

Bitrate- 128kbps

Channel- stereo

Step 3. Start converting DVD to Nexus 7 MP4 video

Click "START" button to begin the DVD to Nexus 7 conversion. Once the conversion finished, connect your Nexus 7 to Mac via USB and then copy/transfer the converted DVD motion pictures to Nexus 7 tablet. Then you'll be able to appreciate and watch DVD movies on Nexus 7. Delight in your motion pictures!


Since Nexus 7 supported video formats are limited to H.263, H.264 AVC, MPEG-4 and VP8, and most of your video sources are not natively playable on Nexus 7, you are going to need this professional Video to Nexus 7 Converter to convert movies with high quality for Nexus 7 playback, you could refer to these tutorials:transfer avi to Nexus 7, play mts on Nexus 7, convert 1080p mkv to dvd mac.

For more Nexus 7 related information like hot apps, preferred games, useful tips, please go to http://www.doremisoft.net/nexus-7.html.

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Burn Edited iMovie Videos to DVD on Lion without iDVD
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