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Ten Must Have Nexus 7 Apps
Google set the planet on fire when it announced its Jelly Bean powered tablet the Nexus 7. The Android slate has been extremely successful as a consequence of it getting priced at a $200 bargain (8GB model).

The device sports some impressive attributes that may be supported by some greater than decent apps. Take a tour with us as we list 10 of our will need to have Nexus 7 apps.


Plume (Twitter)

Among the list of flaws which has always haunted Android tablets, is the lack of a actually fantastic Twitter application. Most Twitter clients are just over stretched versions of the telephone application, which cheapens the tablet knowledge.

Thankfully, Plume has righted that wrong. The third-party Twitter application supplies a native searching knowledge that incorporates Google's Holo theme very properly. With regards to the user interface, actions are presented inside a way that's significantly extra handy. Plume's functionality reminds me a lot of the old Tweetdeck, where you might have tweets, mentions, and direct message columns all pulled up on the front web page. Moreover, a hidden sidebar is usually accessed by swiping to the appropriate.


The Pinterest app on the Nexus 7 is dope. You definitely get to find out why the application is much better suited for tablets. The functionality is easy; swipe for the left to see your profile or slide towards the proper and pick among a list of photo categories such as Geek, Design, Art, Technology, etc.

When you appreciate taking a look at pictures, then it tends to make each of the sense in the world for you personally to have Pinterest in your Nexus 7 tablet.

Angry Birds Space

Seriously, what much more can I say about Angry Birds that hasn't been said currently? It's no accident that this application has develop into the most productive game in history ?a the game is insanely addictive.

Angry Birds Space looks great on the Nexus 7, because the people over at Rovio created sure it didn't put out a half-baked knowledge. The app is everything you'd expect on a telephone, but more with 7-inch screen assistance. Plus, the Nexus 7??s Tegra three processor is more than adequate to handle the game play and visuals.


Wow. That is definitely what I said when I used the WordPress app. Now don't be confused as my shock didn't come from breathtaking visuals, but from usability. I didn't anticipate to determine an app that was optimized for the 7-inch Nexus tablet, as an alternative I expected to find out the usual clumsy style and functionality concerns I've observed in the previous.

But, to my surprise, WordPress place inside a better work in creating its mobile application fit the Nexus 7. There's no new earth shattering attributes, users will see the identical options like new post, swift video, pages, stats, etc.

I discovered that the view post inside the browser function wasn't operating for me for some explanation. Maybe this could be due to a bug that can be addressed in a different update.


Skype is the unquestioned leader in regards to video chatting, that's why Microsoft discovered it in its greatest interest to purchase the well-known VoIP company.

The app fits the Nexus 7 screen just correct. When you hit the Contact phones alternative it opens a dialer that blankets the whole screen. And just like the smartphone version in the app, Skype integrates with all of your contacts on your tab.


This application was made to become on the Nexus 7 tablet. Google+ has a lovely magazine-like layout featured prominently throughout its user interface.

Google place an enormous emphasis on high-resolution pictures in your news stream, though producing factors much improved for you personally and your close friends. For me, I've located that Google+ presents a a lot more enjoyable social expertise then the drama filled pool called Facebook.

Google Drive

This really is the ideal application for individuals who like to get work done on the go. With the normal Nexus 7 supplying up only 8 GB of storage, users will have to be conservative on the subject of adding content resulting from memory limitations.

Google Drive (formally referred to as Google Docs) brings a lot for the table. The application not merely acts like other well-known cloud storage services (Box.net, SugerSync, Dropbox, and so on) allotting customers a absolutely free five GB of memory, nevertheless it carries the duties of creating and editing documents. Although the app is missing some functions (like adding hyperlinks), I nevertheless think its functional sufficient to do very simple word processing. Hell, I wrote most of this feature utilizing the app on my Nexus 7 tablet.


Admittedly, I'm not the largest gamer, but like Angry Birds Space I grew attached to this game as a result of its enjoyable nature.

Cordy can be a puzzle platform game that stars just a little robot that will run, jump, hover, and so forth. The graphics and visuals are beautiful, as the Tegra 3 processor actually displays its power and fluency. The game cleverly hooks you in with four totally free and effortless levels, but once you comprehensive those levels you'll have to acquire the premium version of the app for $4.99.

textPlus Free Text + Calls

If you're the type who likes to turn your tablet into a phone, then this is the app for you personally. textPlus does specifically what's advertised, which permits customers the potential to text and call people at no cost.

There's a bit of a catch even though. The application gives totally free unlimited texting to any mobile phone, so customers are free to message someone who isn't signed as much as textPlus network. As for telephone calls, the application only supplies some absolutely free trial minutes to contact those devoid of a textPlus quantity. I did a test call and I located the service work just fine.

The app automatically syncs your Gmail contacts, and it offers the option of linking up your Facebook contacts as well. This is a effectively dressed VoIP application for the 7-inch tablet expertise, it provides the Google Voice app something to look forward to.


If there's any application on the market much more developed to get a tablet, it's unquestionably Flipboard. For those of you not acquainted with the application, enable me to enlighten you.

Flipboard is actually a wildly well-liked reader app that grabs news from all the most talked about articles from well known sites around the internet. The app brings an innovative technique to flip pages, as customers move via the app flipping their finger in an upward motion. You'll be able to share articles through all the leading social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and much more.

I'm sure I missed lots of applications available, so in case you have any on your list really feel no cost to share them beneath within the comment box.

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